Vegan Cafe: Miss Rachel’s Pantry

vegan cafe miss rachel’s pantry

Rachel Klein of Rachel’s Pantry shares about her little vegan cafe in Philly…

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Vegan Mac & Cheese

“We are Miss Rachel’s Pantry, a little vegan cafe and catering company in Philadelphia, with a communal 6-course dinner around a sweet farmhouse table most Friday & Saturday evenings.

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Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwich

“I began the business as a meal service, then moved to brick and mortar and slowly gathered a wonderful crew. We create completely animal-free dishes and order lots of ingredients from other local, small businesses.

At weddings, since we are often the very first vegan food a guest might try (ever!), we use familiar flavors and textures to make a great lasting first impression. You only get one chance to make someone tofu, and if it’s not good, they might not try it again!

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Maple Peanut Butter Challah French Toast with Strawberry-Cashew Cream

“I believe in supporting my team as much as they support me, and have amassed a crew that feels more like a group of friends. When not working for profit, we are donating meals and our time to some of the farm animal sanctuaries in the area, and believe in giving to causes that support those who cannot speak for themselves (like animals raised as commodities) and those who need help being safe and comfortable with who they are (women seeking shelter from abuse, those in the LBGTQ community, girls who want to become leaders).

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Vegan Nut Cheeses

“We don’t make very much money, but I believe there’s ALWAYS something to share!”

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Coconut Cream Pie

Review by Tangstake: “”We were staying in Philadelphia over the Thanksgiving break and as a group of three vegetarians, was a little worried about what we would do for a meal. Miss Rachel’s Pantry was the answer – they prepare and cook complete Thanksgiving platters and deliver them to you the day before. All you need to do is heat and eat!

The meal was of incredibly generous proportions (there were three of us and we couldn’t eat everything that had been supplied for two people!), tasty and attractively presented. It was also delightful to deal with the staff of Miss Rachel’s Pantry, who were not at all fazed by the fact that I was ordering from Australia and so couldn’t follow the usual payment and delivery arrangements. They were very flexible and accommodating on both fronts. I only wish we were here long enough to enjoy a meal at the restaurant.””

Everything is homemade and crafted with care!
Visit Rachel’s Pantry:
Address: 1938 S Chadwick St, Philadelphia, PA 19145, USA
Phone: +1 215-798-0053