The Courage of the Doer

the courage of the doer

It takes courage to be a doer… A courage incomparable. Courage to endure change, to listen to your inner longings, to submit to your burning desires, to forge new paths without a roadmap to victory, to fight for yourself and your dreams, and to believe that there is to be grace eventually bestowed on you as a gift for the inevitable battering you will take to attain your goal – as a doer.

In my interview with Stic of dead prez, he told me, “The challenge is to awaken to your truth and to be able to focus even amongst the distractions. How do you learn new things and actualize them in your current state…”

Doers have an unwavering thirst for knowing how to be better. That thirst is quenched easily, but it is the struggle of change – the hauling and pulling of personalities, life choices and circumstances – that renders the process of turning knowledge to action so damn hard. It takes courage to allow yourself to change.

Maybe there are some of us with a greater capacity to jump into the unknown. The doers of Jacmel & Co and LOOTB took the kinds of leaps of faith many hearts could not handle. They got up, left their conventional lives and embarked on journeys across the world to follow their deepest inner callings. But, what’s the universe’s response to such courageous acts of faith? Ascension and successes even the doer finds unfathomable.
being a doer

Sometimes too, change becomes a burning flame that ignites in us the desire to reach for new unimagined goals. Like Fran of Hey Fran Hey, who declares 2014 as the year that woke her up to herself, and is now answering an eager calling to share that light with the many, many women who follow her – despite her reservations about stepping into an unknown. And surely, she will only soar because of her courage.
be doers of the word

You could be like Dr. Junger, who knew he had to create his own path even though many of those closest to him simply could not understand. Even your most treasured loves may seek to pull you out of the dark tunnel of the road untraveled. They simply can’t see the glimmer of crazy, unexplainable hope that is leading your way.
doers of the word

Women like Seane Corn and Shiva Rea are seemingly just born with fighters’ hearts, battling for a greater good, destined to lead and create. But, undoubtedly, they too have struggled on their own paths to being a doer.
dreamers and doers

For every doer, just as Tiffany Persons explains from her own process of transformation, there is always at least one moment of light – a deeply penetrating, warm, vibrant light that comes in union with your own awakening. That’s the moment you’ve changed. That’s when your power as a doer is ready to be actualized.