Stic of dead prez: Musician, Runner, Yogi, Activist

stic of dead prez musician runner yogi activist

This was a refreshing sentiment when I first heard it back in the day. And, as a matter of fact, it still is…

Interviewing Stic, one of the two artists behind dead prez, was electrifying. I could actually feel his high energy and utmost gratitude for life.

Back in the day dead prez injected politically-charged, militant consciousness into hip hop. The musical duo’s work was laced with both agitated tones of social activism and knowledge-laden calls for mindfulness around eating and community-building.

Today, Stic undoubtedly maintains the same drive to ignite positive thought and lifestyle principles into the black community, but the years have produced a more Zen version of his younger self.

“I’m just in an extreme state of grace and inspiration right now”, he shares. “I feel reborn. I have a daily practice of meditation, yoga, running and prayer. Every day is full of creating. I consider everything I do lightwork – to raise awareness, inspire self-confidence, and support.”

Stic still creates music – on his own, within his dead prez partnership, and for other artists – but he has also formed a lifestyle company that promotes mind/body wellness, become an author, and dedicates much of his time to mentoring in various capacities. He’s currently a monthly contributor to Mantra (a highly revered yoga magazine), penning new books including The Art of War: Hip Hop & Social Activism AND Eat Plants, Life Iron, and working on a project targeting teens using running as a metaphor for life and overcoming challenges.

His effervescence abounds.

Stic explains that he became enthralled by a healthy lifestyle after being diagnosed with gout in his early 20s. He had been living the street life – smoking and drinking since his teens. “It made me more aware and conscious of my choices. Something as simple as food and water can change the course and quality of your life. I was healed from a plant-based diet, and I started studying martial arts, African philosophy, meditation. Managing the mind and training the body changes you.”
advice for living from yogi stic of dead press

Stic’s advice for living:

  • MEDITATE – Meditation sets the groundwork for building self awareness and stress management. Your immune system will improve and you will be less depressed. In turn your diet choices and activity level will automatically shift.
  • FIND YOUR CREATIVITY – When you tap into your creativity you will find discipline, skill, self worth and passion. You will find your purpose, fill a void in the world, and serve a need – just by using your creative talents. As human beings we are all artists.
  • BE FEARLESS – The path of the warrior states that fear is our friend, our drill sergeant. Everything we desire is on the other side of our fears. Build your fear muscles.