Jake Ducey: Author & Inspiration

you can do and achieve anything you want

The Lesson: You can do ANY damn thing you want to do. Believe that. AND we all have the opportunity to sculpt the life we want, exactly the way we want it. It IS possible.

Jake Ducey is a reminder of that lesson. He has radically stepped off the straight and narrow, and forged a path that is perfectly in alignment with his unique energy. Most of us aren’t really questioning our lives’ trajectory at 19 years old (the age Jake threw away convention to pursue a purpose-filled life). Actually, some of us just kind of go along following the ‘rules’, doing what we ‘should’ be doing our whole entire lives. But… we don’t have to.

Here’s a snippet of his story: Jake dropped out of college, backpacked the world, and at 19 self-published his first book, Into the Wind, about his journey and what he learned along the way. Thanks to the internet’s boundless possibilities, the book blew up. By 21, Jake had become an in-demand speaker and TedX presenter. He’s 23 now and has just published his second book, The Purpose Principles, this time through an unprecedented publishing deal with Penguin/Random-House. He’s currently gearing up for a three-country book tour that will start anytime now, which will be filmed and made into a documentary by a team headed by an American Idol executive producer.

One of Jake’s missions is to inspire people to thrive for authentic fulfillment. “We all want to be happy. Real happiness comes from living life on our terms and making a difference”, he shares. His latest book, The Purpose Principles, highlights the obstacles faced by many of today’s most celebrated figures (like JayZ, Nelson Mandela, Dave Matthews, Jim Carrey, among many others), with the goal of showing others that even the most successful people have fears and failures, making us all more alike than different. We therefore, Jake proposes, all have the capacity for great achievement medica universe.
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An Obstacle…
Jake says one of his greatest obstacles was his inability to write. Yep, he’s a big-time writer, but he says that in high school he failed English and did terribly on his English SATs. He didn’t let that stop him.

His relationship. Building a school in Guatemala with his own money. Being in good physical shape. Why these three things? He says they are all focussed on internal growth and the real things that matter in life, rather than wealth and possessions.

Keeping Balance…
Jake works out six days per week and meditates.
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His Advice…

  • Have goals. Write them down. Make them happen.
  • Maintain some type of physical exercise or you will burn out.
  • Recognize that your fear doesn’t have to stop you. If you want to live your dreams, you’re going to be scared along the way. Do it anyway.