Jamaican living in the USA. Freelance Writer. Blogger. Miami Herald Columnist. Social Entrepreneur. Lover of yoga, wellness, clean eating, eco-living, socially-conscious business and giving back. Past communication and event planning business owner. MA in Communication for Social & Behavior Change. BA in English Literature.

MY STORY: Nine years ago I was hospitalized and had to receive emergency surgery to ensure my life was spared. The sudden illness had forced me to take a long, hard look at my life. I thought I was unbreakable before that experience. Shocked and anxiety-ridden, I dived into yoga, veganism and positive thinking… and my life changed. My work is dedicated to spreading positive vibes – hopefully helping people’s eyes open to lifestyle choices and life principals that lead to true happiness and enlightenment for us all. I’m still a work in progress, of course, but as I learn, so I share…

PRANA WRITES is an outlet for me to do what I love – learning from inspirational people who are diehard-dedicated to changing the world; exploring the awesome places, businesses and products these very same people have established; and most of all, getting to write about it all to share the knowledge I’ve gained and hope.

Celebrating peaceful warriors striving to make the world a better place. Sharing knowledge & good vibes. Prana Writes celebrates people around the globe who are making a positive impact in ways big and small. Massive or minute, we believe that ALL acts of kindness are worth sharing.

Our goal is to introduce the purpose, projects and passions of changemakers to new, diverse audiences. We hope to inspire even an inkling of hope and open someone’s eyes, even just a crack, to the limitless possibilities of living consciously, mindfully and from the heart.

Our feature areas include: wellness; art; eco-living; events; conscious travel; ethical consumerism; social development; soulful & heart-centered entrepreneurship.